May 2016 - The exhibition "Rock und Pop im Pott" at Ruhr Museum Zollverein has started

We highly recommend to visit the exhibition "Rock und Pop im Pott". The exhibition at Ruhr Museum Zollverein is running until the 28th of February 2017 and hows six decades of music history in the Ruhr aera. Of course the Cherrypops are part of it. Our record cover is shown in the museum together with other local heroes such aus Lokalmatadore, Kreator and Die Zelten! Yeah :-)


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Rock und Pop im Pott    Rock und Pop im Pott



The 'Wolken Zucker Himmel' video is online!

A big thank you to the musicians Fred Barreto, Kornelius Flowers, Herr Dannehl, Daniel Selbersuess and Steini! Thanks to Iris, Andi and Martin for filming and Igel Productions for the wonderful foto studio.




Welcome 2016!

New year, new plans, new lineup - and a new video!! We've done a new recording of "Wolken Zucker Himmel" - the first Cherrypops song ever. It will be online soon! Here you can already see the guys responsible for the new catchy interpretation.


The Cherrypops    The Cherrypops

Photos: Andi Goltz